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Dare to be Digital 2011 Team Blog

Yummy Tummy: Lucky Ghost

The game development team from Peking University,China. A team of DARE 2011

Yummy Tummy
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Say hello! Say goodbye!

10th August 2011

Today is the last day of competition!Tomorrow we will be showcasing our game!   60 days, we are get a lot of learnning, and get a lot of growing!Whether you like or not like our g

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DAY 36: week 6 first day!

20th July 2011

Only after 4 weeks, Competition coming to the end.Time is very valuable. Lucky,our game have a lot of time do's great! Today,4 chinese students try our game. 3 boys so happy, but girl fee

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DAY 33: focus test day!

18th July 2011

Today, there have 15 children paly and test our game. I can only say, very successful!!!!! all point is 4-5,(5 is top,and 1 is law),amazing!! thank you!!boys and girls!!

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DAY 32: game title day!

18th July 2011

The day, Fred finished the game logo screen!it's colorful and cool!!! and UI finished!

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DAY 31: new game name day!

18th July 2011

Our game have a new name:"lucky ghost!" We feel it is better remember! bye! who is the lucky ghost! hello!lucky ghost!

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Lovely and Cute game

eileenrene says (2nd August 2011)

After watching the videos of this game, I just want to say that \'I really want to play it\'. It has Chinese Classic music and cute roles which aspire me.

Hi!!!!!We are from China

nairn says (13th June 2011)

We are from Peking University, China. Our game name is Who is the lucky ghost?rnhehe! nice to meet you!

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