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Gentlemen of Fortune at Dare 2009

Week 6 End

17th July 2009

Well it's been a tumultuous time for The Gentlemen since our last update, after productive discussions and with many mentors met we have come far, but the finish still seems so distant. Be that as it may, Quick As Thieves is shaping up to be (almost) everything we hoped it to be (and more in a few areas thanks to development leading to a few extra touches that weren't planned!).

Our central character Fingers has all his placeholder animations and can steal items and use the Swagbag in all it's forms, the basic level shape is finished with all the collisions placed so we have an idea of how the final version will feel. Feature-wise we're almost finished in terms of implementation but not integration, meaning everything works, but nothing is in the level yet.

The current task at hand for all is the big push to get everyone's modules working in the level (gameplay, AI, QTE's), and then populating the level with the horrendous amount of items we have planned to be in game...

Progress is slow but steady. Nothing is going wrong but time is ticking away and there's still much to be completed. We are down an artist this week which hasn't helped the situation, and the tide has turned on the creeping features which are now being exterminated with a vengeance. While it's always fun to come up with new ideas and concepts for a game, there is a certain perverse pleasure in cutting them out too, as it serves to re-enforce the central gameplay features when you can choose to cut something without fear of it lessening the experience of the player, only streamlining it for the situation.

"The situation" would be Dare Protoplay and is definitly looming over us now, thinking of features which will play best at Protoplay has allowed us to focus on what will make the most enjoyable version of the idea, rather than the most complete representation of The Full Game. So alot of the slower paced options we hoped to include are now on the back burner (stealth related stuff, traps, advanced concealment abilities, etc). They'll be there if there's time, but this is Dare and there is no time.

Except time to go.
Til next time!

The Gents.


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