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International Students


The International teams from 2009 with their Scottish Ambassador team mate

Team Noobeez  Team Trouble Maker

Noobeez from left to right are:           Trouble Maker from left to right are:

Abhi, Stuart, Palanivel, Sujan &            Eric, Vivian, Calum, Gracie & Clyde


Game: Colour Scheme                          Game: Tom's Odd Dreamworld

Previous International Student participation

In 2009 a team from India and a team from China (shown above) came to Dundee to take part in Dare. As in previous years, each team was joined by a Scottish Student Ambassador.

In 2008 a team from China and a team from India were invited to compete on Dare 08 in Scotland. Each team had 4 members with skillsets in programming and art. The teams representing China and India were joined by a Scottish Student Ambassador, swelling their team from 4 to 5 members in line with the UK and Irish teams.

The 2 teams (one from India and one from China) from 2007 are either working for companies like Microsoft or still pursuing their studies.

In 2005 and 2006, a total of 15 individuals students from all over South East Asia won scholarships to come to Scotland and join a UK or Irish team to work with that team on their game concept. The Scholars all had the same benefits that Dare is offering a team this year, many have gone on the further their education and some have secured work e.g. Yao Yuan from China now works for EA, Shanghai. All the past International Scholars enjoyed their Dare experience very, very much - quotes from previous participants:

"A fantastic experience that can't be missed"

"Would do it again in a heart beat"

"Excellent place to develop a career in games"

"Would recommend it to anyone interested in creating video games"

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